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creativity coach

Creativity Coaches are similar to life coaches, but focus specifically on your creative thinking process. A creativity coach can help you in the process of coming up with new ideas, approaches, ways to develop new products, attract new clients,  offers you new insights and makes you see new patterns and connections. Crucial factors to put into perspective any project, service or product that are being developed. 


Helps you overcome your creativity blocks and sets you on your path towards a successful creative mindset.

Provides you tools, techniques, and support to achieve your creative ambitions.

Helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Inspires you to think bigger and work productively in order to develop your ideas into meaningful creative projects.


A creativity coach invites you to think hard, feel deeply, dream big & be great.



A creativity coach invites you to manifest your potential.



A creativity coach asks you to step up to the plate & live a vital, authentic life.

Eric Maisel


Why are some more creative than others?

Whom was once a child? All of us right? Why this question? What do  children have and adults lost along the way? Creativity! 


Children have amazing imagination, they can even play with a box the whole day and not get bored. Why? That box can be a castle, a racket, a car, a doll house, you name it, everything they can imagine!


At what point in our life did we start seeing only a box? From the age of six to any point in your life somebody has pointed the finger at us and told us that we are not creative! And at some point in our life we actually believed it. We believed we were not creative! 


I am here to tell you that you are and you have always been creative, you always had it in you - you just lost your way in time. The good thing is that is not too late, you can regain your creativity at any point, you decide!

What blocks us from being creative?

Creativity is mostly shaped by our environment, education, parenting and by our own view, that is to say, wether we consider our selves creative or not.


   ➤ Some of the aspects that can kill our creativity:

  • Expected evaluation: knowing that your work will be evaluated once completed

  • Surveillance: being watched while you’re working

  • Being constrained in how to do a task: being told you need to create in a certain way

  • Competition with peers

  • Stress: modern day lifestyle is very consuming and leaves us exhausted. In order to feel inspired and achieve creative flow we have to relax and brake away from stress and anxiety

  • Self-Doubt causes us to ignore our artistic instincts and blocks us from coming up with creative ideas. 

  • Seeking validation and approval of others holds us back from developing our own authentic expression - while in the creative process we have to be in touch with our own true nature.

  • Fear Of Change or unwillingness to accept change and letting go of our comfort zone blocks the creative process therefore, we end up not trying anything new. Creativity involves taking risks and breaking old patterns. 



A coach needs to understand your creative ambitions, challenges and main personality traits.


A detailed analysis and understanding brings both, the client and the coach on the same page.


This initial assessment also helps the coach to refine his approach to suit the client’s expectations.


Goal setting

Either being finishing a book, coming up with a new product, ways of attracting new clients, making a song...


A client usually comes with certain expectations in mind. A coach helps to define what needs to be done in order to achieve those creative ambitions.

We will give you certain tasks/ challenges that enables you to achieve your creative objectives. 

Tips &


tips & tricks

You will be given the right tools and techniques in order to overcome various creative blocks. (Procrastination/ working habits, emotional barrier, personal problems...)


You will learn to build certain habits that improve your creative strengths.

We will set up the right environment

that will enable you to excel in your creative thinking.


Identifying Blind Spots

Everybody has his own limiting beliefs, by identifying these limits we make space for creativity to take place.


Many times, individuals are not aware of their own mental blocks that could hinder their creative expression.






 We will identify and help you overcome such unhealthy beliefs that block and stay in your way to perform at a high creative level.



It’s a step by step approach and the coach will walk along with you.


You will be handled various activities and tasks that will challenge you creative thinking abilities.

A regular monitoring is essential for an effective outcome.


The coach will help you navigate through various creative blocks.

What Does A Creativity Coach Do?

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