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Finding inspiration in art in time of quarantine

“The importance of Romanticism is that it is the largest recent movement to transform the lives and the thought of the Western world” (Isaiah Berlin)

Greetings to you dear reader, I hope you stay safe and healthy during this time of quarantine, or shall we say, our current state of enforced isolation. Although a necessary action as to prevent the further spread of COVID19, at times it can prove to be difficult, frustrating and emotionally challenging as some of us might feel as prisoners being forced to live in solitary confinement. Let us not despair and instead let us embark on a quest for inspiration in art, more specifically, let us find inspiration in the landscape paintings of romantic artists. What can we learn from them and their landscapes and how can we use that to our advantage?

Whereas we are restrained to a current stare of isolation, solitary confinement and loneliness, Romantic landscape artists were in search for exactly these circumstances in the realm of nature. The Romantics highlighted the importance of nature and the healing power of the imagination. They truly believed that only through a state of solitary confinement in the realm of nature, we would be able to transcend our troubles and circumstances, and as such discover ourselves.

Although in quarantine, in The Netherlands we have the fortune of being able to go outside, have a walk, enjoy the weather and be close to nature. Let us use this freedom to our advantage, go outside, feel nature and rediscover our desires and passions.

Romanticism - Quarantine
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